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emotional packages

Emotional Packages are designed to help bring acceptance to emotions that are commonly shamed or not talked about in a healthy way such as, but not limited to: depression, loneliness, and heartache. Acceptance of these emotions is meant to provide an easier and more peaceful experience when sharing and learning the difficulties that may follow.

The sayings used in each package serve as a theme and are meant to be taken however the viewer relates with the words the most, making Emotional Packages their own experience. Packages are composed of designed objects like; etched notebooks, stickers, button pins and pencils, as well as DIY projects like; mounting posters, making banners with sayings out of provided materials, and interactive worksheets to share with others. The DIY projects included in the packages serve as a coping tool. The user works with these sayings by crafting with their hands to relieve unwanted emotions or feel more comfortable with the emotions these words bring up.

With their bright colors and interactive products, Emotional Packages are meant to normalize different feelings in hopes of expanding these thought processes and coping tools past the packages and into homes.

Senior Thesis for Parsons School of Design. 2016.